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    H2O WaterProofing gives protection to the entire building by preventing leakage and dampness in Walls,Roofs, Floors and all types of cement and concrete structures. Waterproofing chemical preparations to prevent leakage and dampness in wall, roofs, floors and all types of cement and concrete structures.

    H2O WaterProofing, which was started in the year 2007 for manufacturing pH Indicators and allied products.

 1) The most powerful waterproofing compound, perfectly suited for using during and after construction.

 2) Neutralizes excess Salt (NaCl) & Clay if present in the sand used for construction.

 3) Ideal for filling cracks. Ideal additive of cement solution used for injection into concrete structures to stop leakage.

 4) Waterproofs roofs, floors, bathrooms, toilets & water tanks permanently.

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