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      Whether Digging Deep, Moving Mountains or Dealing with Floods,

                                             Water is Sometimes Where It isn't Needed, or Wanted.

     Welcome To Deva Enterprises, an approved on-site detention system must be provided prior to connection to the City’s drainage system. If exceptional circumstances exist where stormwater cannot be detained on-site then direct disposal to the City’s drainage system may be approved. If an adjoining street drainage system does not exist, or where the existing system is not capable of handling the flow from the property, an application may be made by the owner of the property for an extension or up-grading of the City’s stormwater system. Water to be discharged to the City’s drains must be adequately treated on site to comply with the requirements to published by the Department of Water 2004-2007. The cost of connecting on-site drainage to the City's drainage system shall be the responsibility of the owner of the property being connected, including the cost of any necessary extensions or up-grading to the City's drainage system.